Pet Peeve of the Week

Subject: Grocery Stores (and the ridiculous people who shop at them)

Lately, I’ve had a few encounters which have motivated me to write this week’s pet peeve. This time, I’m not ranting about awful employees, but about the annoyances that I am forced to endure in order to provide myself with sustenance. A girl’s gotta eat… 

1. Rotten produce:

This is the WORST part about shopping at a grocery store. Last week, I saw that strawberries were on sale at a particular grocery store somewhat near my house. I trekked all the way there on foot, so that I could have a delicious (and healthy) snack. Unfortunately, by the time I was all set to dig into my treat the next day, I was shocked and appalled to find that the majority of my berries were rotten! Disguised by the producer, these rotten berries were hidden beneath a top row of decent fruit. Problem is, once one rotten fruit is in the bunch, it spreads its disease like the plague…


Super appetizing...obviously.


This is a common happening at big grocery stores. Don’t you want to scream when you buy a head of lettuce and the next day it’s wilted? Or when you buy a perfectly ripe bushel of bananas and somehow, overnight, they turn into a spotty-brown nightmare? Come on grocers of Canada – step up your game! I’m tired of giving money to you and being bamboozled by your tricks.


Oh COME on.


2. The un-prepared check out customer:

There is almost ALWAYS a line when you’re checking out at the grocery store. Somehow, despite the fact that it’s just before dinner-time, there is probably only 2 cashiers working. (A whole other bag of issues.) As a result, your time in line is often not rushed. You can slowly unload your items from basket or cart to the conveyor belt, with time to spare to look over the impulse-buys and magazine covers. (Seriously, is the Bachelorette STILL whining about Bentley?) And so, I question: WHY must customers get up to the cash, watch the cashier scan in 25 items and THEN feel the need to start rummaging through their over-sized purse or pockets for their form of payment. You have the time people, there is no excuse for this delay.


Really, this is how you're going to pay for your $30 bill?


3. The customer I want to mind their manners:

I was recently in line at the store, with a full basket of items. The man behind me only had four things. I was in a great mood that day, and I decided to use my manners and offer for this man to go ahead of me. (Obviously, I was expecting a flourishing thank you, since chivalry (from men and women) appears to be dead.) What did I receive as thanks for my gracious deed? Nothing! Not even a thank you. He just walked ahead of me, paid for his 4 cans of over-stuffed Chef Boyardee, and left without a word. Are you freaking kidding me!? People like him are ruining the good spirit of the world. Why bother doing good-deeds if stupid people like him are the recipients? He probably spits on kittens and pushes down the elderly. I hope he burned his mouth on his processed pasta…in a nutshell.


I hope this was worth it, you jerk.


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