Happy 1 Month Anniversary, Nuts.

This moment reminds me of those first few weeks in a new relationship, when every landmark seems so epic and worthy of celebration. After several years in my relationship, I know that one month is really a small feat. But for a little venture like this one, a blog that a group of girls thought up over drinks, I can say a month in existence is a huge accomplishment. We are still pinching ourselves that we have this wonderful place to share our thoughts; linking us all through our fascinations, our grievances and our personal experiences.

We are overjoyed with the comments we’ve received. It’s a rare night when at least one of us isn’t referred to as a ‘nut’, or someone isn’t asked whether they will be writing about the happenings of the night on the nutshell. We know that in this short month, our 8,000 hits have been thanks to our families, friends and mostly, all those from Carleton U who have been especially supportive. To the men who read our “women’s lifestyle blog”, we welcome you with open arms and hope to infuse some more testosterone from time to time.

I can say that the best thing about this day is knowing how many more landmarks we have ahead of us. I am so confident in this group of girls, I know we’ll never give up on the nutshell, we love doing it and plan to continue writing for years to come. We hope to keep our content exciting and fresh for you, and we’d love it if you’d let us know what you’d like to see more of and what you’d like changed. Even though this is our blog, we’re always looking for input and we will never turn down some constructive criticism.

So, here’s to our little blog that could, many more months of pet peeves, restaurant reviews, tunes to hear, styles to try, places to go and thoughts to consider. The best is yet to come …in a nutshell.

P.S. How do you like our new logo?

P.P.S. We’re loving this video and we’ll be keeping it in mind! 29 Ways to Stay Creative…


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