Editorial Dreamland

As any magazine-flipping woman would know, the last few pages of a fashion magazine normally consist of high-fashion editorials. These are the pages I typically rip out and keep for inspiration. Each and every month, editors and stylists push the limits, making these images more exotic and fanciful. While I evidently adore these lavish pages, I can’t help but wonder (SO Carrie B. of me) how many women can actually relate to the scenes and clothing portrayed in these pages? Of course, every magazine has its niche; Vogue sets the bar, depicting a ‘steal’ as a $485 clutch, InStyle concentrates on wardrobe reinvention and celebrity style, and Elle masters the art of dissecting runway trends, with a sprinkle of lifestyle topics. But no matter the magazine, editorials always seem to be the place where high-fashion prevails. While the styling in these images definitely gives me butterflies, it’s really the scenes that are amusing. I understand that the rich and famous can afford to “play” in their exorbitant clothing, but I find it hard to believe that they are walking their dogs in couture gowns.

A casual stroll.. (Katy Perry, Vanity Fair June 2011)

You’re thinking, well obviously not, you nut (pun intended). But then why are we bombarded with images that we feel completely disconnected to? The majority of editors spend a good portion of their time offering poignant advice; listing trends to recreate and showcasing the “30 Spring Must-Haves”, but the other half of fashion magazines leave us dreaming of a downpour of dolla’ bills.

I’m probably digging myself quite the hole with this rant since I dream of working for a fashion magazine, but if you can’t laugh about fashion just a bit, then you’re left dreaming of the life in these pages when the one you’re living is just as dignified …in a nutshell.

Ballroom aerobics. Black tie optional. (Vogue Russia June 2011)

Towel-less? A Versace tuxedo jacket will do the trick. (Erin Wasson, Vogue Spain June 2011)

Grass stains don't seem to bother this blushing bride. (Vogue China June 2011)

Surf's Up. Hang Ten. Beachwear c/o Balenciaga, naturally. (Vogue Spain June 2011)

All images via fashiongonerogue.com


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