Spring Shopping List

I can preach about wearing heels everywhere and throwing on a dress instead of jeans all day long, but practically speaking, I know that’s not ideal. I’m speaking to the typical young Canadian woman here, and I know a thing or two about you my dear. I know you’d rather throw on a pair of cute and comfortable flats on occasion, and you’re not always looking to stick out like a sore thumb (although, I suggest a healthy dose of this at least weekly).  In any case, I totally get it. You’ve got things to do, buses to take and drinks to sip, us girls at the Nutshell do spend the odd night decked-out in stilettos, but we are most often found in our cowboy boots, ballet flats or gladiator sandals. So, consider this your we-can-relate intervention – our fashion section will not consist of runway pieces only available to the fashion elite. We are here to help you shop in Canada, outline current trends and how to make them your own, show you what Canadians are wearing and talk about just what us Nutshells think about fashion now.

Glad that’s settled. Now, as most parts of Canada endure a ludicrous amount of bad weather, I think we can all agree that the best place to take out our rage…is at the nearest Mall. I know that you don’t have hours and hours of shopping time on your hands, so every week or two, after seeking out the best deals on the hottest trends, I’ll post them here for you to browse. Today’s look is for a casual day in the city – it’s comfortable but chic and on-trend for this season. You’ll find each of these items at a store near you.

1 – Old Navy Short Button-Front Trench Coat in Sandalwood, $35.00
2 – Zara Striped T-Shirt in Green/White, $15.90
3 – Zara Raffia Hat, $25.90
4 – Forever21 F7792 Sunglasses, $6.80
5 – Aldo Tenn Necklace in Gold, $12.00
6 – Aldo Voigtlander in Orange, $65.00
7 – Gap Broken-In Skimmer in Living Coral $49.50
8 – Locale Shoes Lakins Gold Earrings, $10.98
9 – Forever 21 Seed & Wooden Beaded Bangles, $7.80
10 – Little Burgundy Stahoski in Grey Nubuck $50.00

If you have an upcoming event you need an outfit for, please comment below and I’ll try to style you a look that’ll knock ‘em dead …in a nutshell.


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