Rainproof Style

There’s nothing worse than rainy weather. For a young fashionista in particular, rain ruins just about everything, subtracting about 70% of our shoe closets and prohibiting suede and soft leather to see the light of day. What’s worse is that for Canadians in particular, an onslaught of rainy weather comes just when we’re at our wits end – following the winter.

Chanel Spring 2011

After months of chunky sweaters, cumbersome jackets, shearling boots and skin that is begging for sunlight and moisture, we are gifted with…puddles. Perfect. Like the true Canadians everyone knows and loves, we somehow remain optimistic, uttering sayings like “April showers bring May flowers!” as though Mother Nature is listening and good behavior will get us somewhere. So, even though the weatherman seems to be mocking us with these shameful weekly reports of nothing but 90% P.O.P., we must stay true to our Canadian values. Who knows? Mother Nature might just be the Santa of our adulthood, marking Canada on the “Good List” for future spring seasons.

The question is how can we stay stylish when the weather is as dismal as this guy’s future? Here are 5 rules to follow for rainproof style:

  1. Stay Colorful. It’s not uncommon that we reach for clothes that match the outdoors, opting for color when the sun is shining and anything with a tint of darkness when the sky is somber. The only way to steer clear of a complete style rut is to refrain from this type of behavior. Rock the brightest colors in your wardrobe and you’ll become a little piece of walking sunshine.
  2. Strut It. Even though it’s wet out, you don’t need to sport your Wellies everyday (although I agree they’re adorable). Get out your patent pumps and rubber-soles and work your outfit around them. Nothing says ‘rain, you’ve got nothing on me’ than peep-toes and a confident strut.
  3. The Skinny. As I’m sure you’ll agree, one of my biggest pet peeves is a wet pant, even an inch of moisture on the bottom hem can make me incredibly uncomfortable. The lesson here is to avoid your wide-leg jeans and trousers and opt for skinny jeans and leggings. This way you’ll stay as dry as possible, and you’ll be able to show off those pumps.
  4. Cover Up. If you take the time to hunt for a jacket you love, you’ll actually find yourself looking forward to rain so you can show it off. With a colorful parka or a classic camel trench, you’ll look effortlessly prepared while protecting the bright, cheery top you’re wearing underneath.
  5. Face It. The last thing you want is to look like a crack-whore (I hope), so invest in waterproof mascara that prevents any smudging and keeps you looking your fresh self. Also, don’t be fooled by the sky’s sunless state, sunscreen is key to keeping your skin looking young and the sun is always out whether you see it or not!
So that’s it! Stay dry, bring an umbrella and never compromise your style …in a nutshell.

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